1. Delivery – Included! Really! We deliver for free in Switzerland

Unless specified otherwise, all prices include shipping costs in Switzerland.

Any delivery periods or delivery dates specified by BOUQUET-BOX are not binding on it. Articles ordered by subscription are delivered in several partial shipments. Partial shipments will be made at regular intervals during the contract period. If the customer refuses to accept deliveries, BOUQUET-BOX may, at its sole discretion, withdraw from the contract.

2. Payment – an inevitable part of buying… Any cheaper and you would not believe us!

The purchase price becomes due and payable once the first order has been made.

Payment may be made by credit card or Paypal and will be deducted each period of 4 weeks on the first day for that period. Companies may also have the amount due invoiced to them.

3. Prices – we challenge you to find a bouquet of this size for this price!

BOUQUET-BOX reserves the right to raise the price of its regular yearly subscription after a year, if taxes or duties such as VAT, or its wage, equipment, third party or purchasing costs have increased. In the event of BOUQUET-BOX applying a price increase which is more than 20% higher than the increase in the general cost of living during the relevant period, the customer has the right to terminate the contract immediately.

4. Unpaid accounts – we do anything for you!, until you stop paying us…

If any balances due by the customer have not been paid, any outstanding shipments will be held back until proof of payment has been received.

5. Returned items – why return a beautiful bouquet?! Call us and we sort it out for you.

BOUQUET-BOX grants its customers the right to send back any items ordered which are not to their liking within one week of their delivery date. The customer must contact helpdesk@bouquet-box.ch before. The right to send back orders does not apply to articles which have been damaged.

6. Termination of your subscription – we only want happy customers anyway.

BOUQUET-BOX offers regular memberships: 3 months duration, one invoice per month, several deliveries, membership is automatically renewed after 3 deliveries.

Regular subscriptions are renewed automatically each 3 deliveries until they are terminated. Notice of termination must be given to BOUQUET-BOX one full month before the end of the contract period. Such notice may be given via the customer’s login on the BOUQUET-BOX online platform. Refusal to accept delivery of a shipment does not constitute notice of termination. All regular subscriptions for which notice of termination is not received within the required notice period are automatically extended for a further period of 1 month.

If you are not happy, you will have your money back within 5 days.

7. Data protection – only on this topic, you will find us serious.

Personal data relating to customers are collated only to the extent permitted by law. The customer authorizes the post office to advise BOUQUET-BOX of his correct address if a shipment made by post could not be delivered to the address specified in an order.

8. Final provisions – most important: you are the customer and we will treat you as a King

This contract is governed solely by Swiss law.