Your fresh bouquet of flowers is delivered directly from Holland – on a weekly, bi-weekly or 4-weekly subscription.

We buy the freshest flowers directly at the auction in Aalsmeer in the Netherlands for you. We deliver your bouquet by DPD Express-Service directly to your home or to your office!

To make sure the flowers stay fresh, we use a special gel (instead of water). This gel contains nutrients as well as disinfectants against the growth of bacteria. The gel can be rinsed off with water. Our gel is eco-friendly and is not harmful.

Choose from three different styles – modern, classic and extravagant. You can change your preferred style every week. We inform you about new arrangements and what kind of flowers will be used in the different styles in our weekly e-mail. BOUQUET-BOX delivers your bouquet on request either Monday or Friday in a stylish design-box filled with a special gel to keep your flowers fresh.

This is how you order:

1. Choose your subscription: weekly, biweekly or 4-weekly
2. Choose your preferred style: modern, classic, extravagant. You can change your preference online whenever you like.
3. Give us your contact details and your delivery address.
4. Pay for your subscription. You can pay by credit card or by PayPal. Companies can pay by invoice.

The most important facts:
• The price per bouquet is CHF 59 including delivery and VAT.
• You can change the style of your bouquet online on a weekly basis.
• During your holidays, you can pause your subscription without any problem.
• Delivery can be requested on a Monday or Friday.
• Payments have to be made weekly in advance.
• The minimal duration of the subscription is 3 months.
• After 3 months, a cancellation of your subscription is possible with 1 months’ notice.