Bouquet-Box is the online Florist for luxurious fresh bouquets of flowers directly from Holland for up to 50% less than the market-leader, including free delivery and a free flowercutter. You can cancel your subscription anytime after the first 3 deliveries.

We buy the freshest flowers directly at the auction in Aalsmeer in the Netherlands for you. For a price of CHF 59.– per bouquet you can choose from three different styles – Modern, Classic or Extravagant. You can choose for weekly, biweekly or 4-weekly deliveries and change your preferred style every week. Free delivery throughout Switzerland by DPD Express-Service – every Monday. We deliver gorgeous, lush bouquets in an especially designed box. In this box, a Freshbag with sufficient water maintains the quality of the flowers on the short trip until delivery. The bouquets will be delivered on Monday to your home, your office or your company directly from the auction in Holland!


Please choose the style of your bouquet to be delivered in the week: 17-12-2018

Modern CHF 59
Modern See more examples >

Französische Tulpen, Gingster, Heidelbeeren, Gagel

Classic CHF 59
Classic See more examples >

Ranunkel Cloni, Germini, Limonium, Nelken, Anemomen, Gagel, Heidelbeeren, Cinere...

Extravagant CHF 59
Extravagant See more examples >

Rosen, Disteln, Lilien, Lentisco, Salal, Cinerea